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Raising Readers

Raising Readers Program will began with books, an outreach of early literacy. It will offer professional development and mentoring to your child. Your child will receive a collection of high quality books selected for their appeal and age.

Readers On Wheels

Readers on wheels bring stories, books, and parenting resources to your community and childcare centers throughout the Metro Atlanta area. The visits are designed to promote and support reading and literacy based activities for children and families.


No one fails! Is a lunchtime literacy and mentoring program that pairs up elementary school students with volunteers from local companies and other community organizations to share lunch, conversations and good books. NO ONE FAILS! is based on a national model that recognizes the many benefits of reading aloud to children one-on-one.

How does it work?

One day out the week, volunteers spend their lunch breaks reading one-on-one with a student at a nearby elementary school. The volunteers are recruited from universities, community organizations, faith-based institutions, and government agencies.

What are the benefits?

To effectively show an impact upon low- income students in reading comprehension, motivation and achievement, as well as overall academic performance, classroom behavior, self-confidence and social skills. 

Results Expectations

We want to improve students academic performance by the program 8 weeks conclusion. We hope that 75% of the students will have enjoyed reading, well aboved the 25% of non participating students. We want to improve attention span by 35% or greater. We want 100% of parents, students, volunteers and teachers to report being satisfied with this program.