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A word from Founder & CEO Carolyn Seals

In recent days many people have asked me about obtaining a 501 C 3 and I wanted to say a few words about the person who was placed in my path.....

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Ms. Cheryl Pitts is quite an amazing woman. She has a personality that is truly a gift from God. She is able to work with a multiplicity of individuals not skipping a beat and is a professional woman who wears many hats. Teacher, Leader, Manager, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Mother, Friend...and the list is endless. She is also an innovative leader in the 501 C 3 acquisition. Her tenacity and drive had led her to acquire many 501 C 3 accounts on the first try. This is amazing, and also very rare. Do the research and you will find this out for yourself. She is detail oriented and strives for excellence. It is without hesitation that I suggest you utilize her services for she is a woman of integrity.

Non Profit Assistants, Inc. / CAP Consulting  803 743 5060